Meet the designer

I'm Linda, a self taught Brooklyn-based  designer. 

My designs are inspired by many things, from ancient objects to Indian textiles, Moroccan ceramics to medieval miniatures. Travel has always played a large part in my life, and influences from global cultures are clearly apparent in Bixie designs.

I bring that passion for art, design, and culture to every Bixie piece.  


What is a Bixie?

I get asked that a lot. 

The name "Bixie" came about when I realized that a little Chinese dragon-like statue who lived on my mantle was actually called a"Pi Xiu" (Bixie in English).  Turns out this little guy - who I always had with me when I moved from country to country - is considered an auspicious Chinese mythical protector with a voracious appetite for gold and silver. 

So I adopted him as my *own* powerful protector. He's a perfect mascot for a line of contemporary talismans.